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Hello lovely people,here is an update on #EXPO2015. If you are new here,you're welcome,take a look at my previous posts My trip around the world under one tent and The beauty of diversity to keep updated.

My trip under one tent continues...and opening ceremony aside,my biggest highlight so far is Africa Day (25/May/2015).What an amazing day it was! First,we kicked off the day  at the Angola pavilion with speeches from the host for the day (Commissioner General of Angola-Albina Asis Africano) and various invited guests which included the Pavilion director, of the hosting country,Italy-Matteo Gatto,pavilion director of Zimbabwe-Charity Zhanje who delivered a speech on behalf of Abigail Shonhiwa who is the commissioner general and president of the African Union.

Thereafter,a march (my favorite part) by all the guests through the main arena.It was mind blowing watching many Africans and other guests walk and dance happily to the sound of drums and African music all clad in different traditional outfits.I wish we could do this often.

It was such a long and interesting day for my colleagues and I - we were invited to the China pavilion for lunch :). It was so delicious,plus I met lots of interesting friends.

Some of the Uganda Pavilion staff, left to right;Molly Kibuuka (Uganda pavilion director),Doreen Rweihangwe (principal quality controller,Uganda Coffee Development Authority),Mumtaz Kassam (Uganda Protocol Officer EXPO 2015 and deputy ambassador of Uganda to Italy),Hilda Gloria Ndiwabeene (Assistant,Uganda pavilion director)

At around 5 PM,we were treated to an African percussion kind of entertainment courtesy of the Zimbabwe pavilion,lots of food and more speeches from various guests.The ambiance was spectacular!

After that point,I was exhausted and couldn't continue any further.The celebration continued...I went home a very happy and proud African lady.

In between the events,I had a chance to look at the Angola's pavilion Art gallery,very beautiful exhibition which was followed by a fashion show and then a wonderful orchestra by children from Angola.

Take a look at other guests.

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Hello there, it's May again! It is always smiles,excitement and warm feelings for me every time MAY comes around.Who wouldn't be excited for their birthday month? It comes with a lot especially the blessing of having another year added to one's life.I'm undoubtedly in love with this month.

Happy birthday ahead to all MAY babies,especially those that are reading this.I'm glad we share a birthday month.

Take a look at some of the photos taken especially for this post! I love this beautiful multi slitted skirt with neatly added bead details-all made in wonderful patterns,what an art piece! I paired it with a basic green top which didn't disappoint.Plus I love the details of the neck piece which come in set with the bangles and finally a statement green clutch to complete my ensemble.

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 Top: Bershka
Skirt: gift from a friend
ClutchTriggy bags
Pumps: Primadonna




Hello lovely people,I hope your weekend was fun-filled like mine! I discovered a lot through my continued trip around the world.I thought I'd finish it in one day,but there's a lot about every country that keeps me glued to a pavilion and oops,it's  three days and I'm not even half way.It is an exciting trip and I'm loving every bit of it.If you are new on board,take a look at my previous post The beauty of diversity and you'll be able to follow through or follow me on instagram to glimpse through the photos I take and post immediately.

My highlight for today was the trip to the pavilion of Angola.Words can't clearly express what I saw.It was marvelous and their theme;"development through food and culture" is my favorite so far.I loved the concert,very talented artist and the band as well.Then the cultural dances performance topped that all.Thank you Angola for such an amazing experience.

I also went to the Milano World Food Exhibition organized by TUTTO FOOD and I was amazed at how diverse the world is when it comes to food.Every country had something unique to offer.My favorite there was the the sandwich made of salmon and salmon cream from Belarus.You should try it out.

Here's an update on my trip through the lens.If you recognize anyone in the photos,kindly share this post with them.

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Hello there,I'm so excited for this post! I'm so humbled to have to have attended the opening ceremony at the world EXPO 2015 in Milan.

I can write a book about such a great experience.I had  never gotten tired of taking photos in my entire life till that day! I took so many,I wish I could share all.If you follow me on instagram ,you have an idea of my excitement,I took photos of almost every detail that I could but later on dropped,I was so exhausted.

I was able to have a glimpse at the different pavilions,people,culture,food and so many other things.I imagined I had the opportunity to travel the entire world in a day due to the fact that all nations gathered under one tent.1/5/2015 is a day I'll never forget.

I will be posting a lot about this event because I intend to go there often and of course take more photos. There's a lot to say but I'll let the pictures do the talking.I'm simply amazed at the beauty of diversity that the world has,and for it to all be gathered under one tent is something impeccable.A huge thank you to all the organizers and participants.

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My outfit

Top: Bershka
Skirt: Gift from a friend
Pumps; Primadonna
Blazer: Gift from a friend