Veronica Luggya is an all round young lady;beautiful,talented and smart.Only a few ladies  nowadays can keep up with such a spirit like hers.At a tender age,she can handle managing one of Uganda's greatest artistes,be apart of the best dance group currently in the country and keep up with school.

I'm amazed at her enthusiasm and courage wondering how she handles this at such a tender age.Veronica boldly told me,"hustle starts at a young age" and this empowered me to share her lovely story and also encourage all youths  to work hard (hustle) as no one is young and no job is too big for them.

Veronica and her dance group called Spurz have gone as far a featuring in hit music videos like" work it out" by Maurice Kirya,"Zina" by Viboyo and Jackie Chandiru's new single "Nafunye".The foursome has also performed at various concerts as back up dancers and ofcourse they are paid.

"Oh My God,I feel it's a big job especially at my age,"Veronica responded when I asked her about being Irene Ntale's manager.She loves her job as she has always had a great passion for dancing and entertainment since childhood.She is also a choreographer.

She is not only street smart but also class smart as she's pursuing Bachelor of Tourism at Makerere University.

I wish her the best of luck in all her endeavours.

Irene Ntale and Veronica



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