Wedding special


Hello,it's Saturday again and you all know,I don't let it just pass without featuring a wedding.

Today's wedding is special in a way that it was so colorful. I  love bright colours because they are so attractive.The beautiful munyoro/mutooro bride ;Janepher is so gorgeous in all her bright colored outfits,she is as beautiful as a flower.The groom;Rogers too is smart for their traditional wedding.I also love the chemistry between the couple,it's too strong that they already resemble somehow.I would surely love to see both of them at old age.

Shout out and thank you to the lovely couple for sharing their wedding photos and I wish them a fun filled,happy and blessed marriage.

Have a great Saturday.

If you would like to have your wedding featured,please send an email to hildaglosh@gmail.com. 
Both traditional and church weddings are featured.

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