Barde Ahamed,a Nigerian music promoter didn't bother about what people or even his relatives think about music as a career because of religious and cultural beliefs,he went ahead to follow his dreams and passion.

Having graduated from the American University in Cairo,Faculty of Engineering, Barde put his engineering tools and skills aside and focused on what he loves most;music.Even though he is not a singer/artiste,he markets,promotes and produces music.

He manages all this through a company called Greatklings Entertainment and Media that he founded in 2010 and manages too.The company also organizes concerts and has had a number of them successful.He has worked with artistes like Terry G,9ice Adigun,Reminice,Sean Tizzle,Fuse ODG from West Africa, and Cindy Sanyu and Eddy Kenzo from East Africa and many more.He says he likes it because of the profits he gets from it,and also the connections made with the people he works with.He also says,he gets losses at times but overall,he loves his job.

He has held a number of concerts in in Cairo and Nigeria and is preparing for one soon in Kampala.He has also worked with  many upcoming artistes like Zeinab Walusimbi and others.So if you would like to have your music or singing talent promoted,you can reach out to him.

Greatklings page link: https:https://www.facebook.com/groups/232594316788998/

Here are some photos of Barde and the artistes

9ice Adigun and him

Crowd atOne of the concerts by Greatklings
Eddy Kenzo

Tip Swizzy and Zeinab Walusimbi

Terry G and him

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