Pastor Robert Morris

As we pray,we should always remember;it's not about me,it's about the kingdom of God.Always receive power to pray through the Holy spirit.I learned this from listening to Robert Morris's sermon.He is the senior pastor at Gateway Church,U.S.

Major points:

  • It's about His Kingdom
  • Its through his Power
  • Its for His Glory
He gave an example of the place where he gets his hair cut.There was a woman who had had three miscarriages and wasn't finding it easy to get a child.When he prayed with her at the salon,it was not only her that got blessed with a baby but also several other employees at the salon that had tried to have children for many years but in vain.

He also quoted some Bible verses;

Acts 1:3 :This was after his death,but he showed them that he was alive,proving it to them in many ways.The apostles saw Jesus many times during the 40 days after he was raised from death.He spoke to them about God's Kingdom.

Acts 1:8 :But the Holy Spirit will come on you and give you power.You will be my witnesses.You will tell people everywhere about me-in Jerusalem,in the rest of Judea in Samaria,and in every part of the world.

Acts 4:31 :After the believers prayed,the place where they were meeting shook.They were all filled with the Holy Spirit,and they continued to speak God's message without fear.

Romans 11:36 :Yes,God made all things.And everything continues through him and for him.To God be the Glory forever! Amen

Have a blessed Sunday.

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Pastor Robert Morris and his wife

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