No fashion background but produces amazing designs

Allow me introduce to you the proprietor of HighLine Fashions,a fashion house to watch out for.

Linda Nancy Alwedo is a Ugandan fashion designer,model and also serves as the creative director at HighLine Fashions.She is mainly based in Uganda.Surprisingly,she holds no school qualifications relating to Fashion and Design but always wows the crowds with her amazing creations."I didn't go to any school of Fashion,I learnt sewing,sketching and everything involved on my own," said the talented designer.She holds a bachelors degree in Economics.

HighLine Fashions was established in August 2012,powered Linda's great sense of style.It deals in a number of items  like clothes,bags,shoes,head wraps,scarfs, jewelry and these are usually made from fabric,stones,pearls,beads and other ornaments.Linda has also gone ahead to exploit animal skin,wood,metals in order to enhance her creations.

She has succeeded in showcasing her designs a number of times and in several places including "sands and colours fashion show" at Spennah beach last month,"fashion night" at Alfredo's bar and restaurant and is preparing for yet another and bigger one soon.Ensure not to miss out.

Information about HighLine Fashions can be found in the link:https://www.facebook.com/www.hlfstyle.live

Below are models show casing HighLine Fashion designs.


  1. All the best dear, you will make it to the top coz of your creativity dear.
    I noticed that character those days of MUK when you used to over love going for those things at sheraton, Africana etc etc. Wish you the best in your career dear.

    1. Thats so great Hilda....keep ur head high and u wil reach to the top. All the best of luck mukwano.

  2. OMG....... i cannot believe this, way to go girl, this is the beginning of something new and God bless you and be with you in all that you set your hands on....

  3. Thank u Cash @Naomi.God bless u too

  4. woo .............hilda,keep rocking dea, this is so wonderful n i was so excited whn i opened yo blog! Ive bn so inspired n liked it.keep it up n may God bless u.I do bliv this is gonna take u far.