Almost everything around our day-to-day life revolves around technology.Thank God for whoever invented it.Ever imagined this world without technology?

Can you imagine how hard and slow communication would be without  telephones,the internet,computers,telecommunication networks,computers? I wonder how long it would take to communicate with someone in a different continent.

One wouldn't know what he/she looks like if there were no cameras.No matter what description anyone gave would satisfactorily convince you of your looks like your own portrait.

This world would be some dark thing,I can't even describe,without electricity or even artificial light especially at night.There would be numerous collisions,and apparently no movement at night.

And when it comes to automobiles,can't thank the inventors enough,because transportation and movement got easy by them.I wonder how long it would take one to travel to distant places and how many pairs of shoes one would need to trek the journey.

Regarding socialization,we would have very few people in our circles and would be ignorant of the diversity of people the world has as we would be limited to our small locality.

The above and many others,are reasons to appreciate technology because without it,life would be so boring.There's this addiction that technology brings,in that once one is addicted to using certain gadgets,they almost can't do without them like computer,mobile phone,video game devices.

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