Beautiful people


While almost everyone planned on how to spend their valentine's night,I had nothing in plan and was ready to spend it like every other normal day.Everything continued as routine till I landed in the company of some wonderful people.

They wanted to have some fun but weren't sure how and where.We all got ready and took the road.Most of the places that came into mind were closed by the time we got there because we were late.That didn't discourage us,as we had to have fun.We moved from place to place till we found one lovely and conducive Radisson Blu hotel that works trans night.

We enjoyed the beautiful and spacious environment,soft music and of course drinks not forgetting the company of many lovely people.We talked,laughed,took photos and had a great time.The greatest fun is always unplanned.

Hope you all celebrated the day in style.Here are some of the photos we took.