Valentine's day turn up

With just a few days to v-day,one wonders what kind of presents they should surprise their loved ones with.

The presents trend is usually followed by couples,but also does no harm getting one's beloved friends and family some valentine's day goodies and treats.

A present does not only refer to tangible stuff one buys from shops,but also various ways he/she treats the other on that special day.

Here is a list of options to choose from;
  • A morning call to remind them how much you love them.Let the people you love know that you do, especially on that day.
  • Romantic candle light dinner together with your spouse.This would give you time to closely interact with each other,enjoy each other's company with less interruption and fall more deeply in love with each other.It could be out doors at his/her favourite restaurant or indoors where you prepare him/her their favourite meal.
  • A warm bath together with a special fragrance backed by soft music and candle light.This will lead to growth in intimacy and attraction between spouses and will also enable you concentrate only on each other that day.
  • Spend more time than you usually spend with your family,friends or spouse that day.Hang out for lunch,dinner,movie or even coffee.The talk and laughter draws you together.
  • Take a long walk together.Before you know it,you have discussed various topics.This helps you relax especially if you had a long day and also gets you ample time together.
  • Go for a make over/massage together.Trust me,you won't return home the same,there's a relaxation created and a good look feeling
  • Get your loved ones a little something to spice up the celebration.We all love gifts.Gifts should be selected depending on one's taste and preference.Chocolate,flowers,wine,sexy lingerie,underwear,watches among many other items.
  • And for the guys,if you are ready,make this Valentine's day memorable for your spouse by putting a ring on it.Yes propose,what more would make her happier?

    Wishing you all the best as you choose what to do and get your valentine.

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