Ka Meritah

Her enchanting spirit rings alarm to me first of all, and to everyone out there still lazying around in any kind of discomfort hoping and wishing things get better in our lives. Ka Meritah, a Kenyan, stands against it all with her encouraging slogan, "we are the ones we have been waiting for".

Ka Meritah,which means spirit of my beloved land, truly loves her land;Africa and is working tirelessly for its betterment.She is the leader of The African Socialist International,East Africa,a movement for democracy and social progress.She views many Afrikans having the will and power to address their issues most of which rise from parasitic capitalism and thievery of resources that belong to Afrikan people and the land in the near future.

Having had a conversation with her,Ka Meritah  is inspired by some grievances,"I'm inspired by the political and economic oppression of my Afrikan brothers and sisters,particularly the working class and those in the villages.The situation in Afrika will not change unless we are ready to be the instruments of change.We are the ones we have been waiting for,"said the patriotic leader.She is also developing an Afrocentrik school concept called Kijiji Ka Meritah.

A relaxed Ka Meritah
However,Ka meritah is a talented interior designer and owns Evermore Homes and Decor,an interior designs company.She also owns and runs a beauty line named Nefertari dealing in oils and many other beauty products,among many other projects.

With this enthusiasm,I believe Ka Meritah will one day be listed among the most celebrated African revolutionaries.

Below is a gallery of Ka Meritah,her projects and links.

Kijiji Ka Meritah

Head wrap by Ka Meritah's Nefartari Living
Evermore Homes and Decor



  1. Anonymous9/2/14 09:33

    I got mad love for this revolutionary diva, she really awakens my soul and opens my eyes to our homelands needs. Thank you Ka <3