Pastor Tutu Olutayo

Grace means getting  something that you do not deserve;something you didn't work for-kindness from God.Grace is sometimes mistaken for mercy,yet mercy means one does not get a punishment that one deserved. For example, if a man is arrested and authorities decide to set him free,that is mercy,but if he is set free and also given a wife to marry,that is  grace.This I learnt when I attended service led by one great man of God.

"The Bible tells us we can only receive  grace from God and only if we have faith and belief,"Pastor Tutu Olutayo, National pastor The Redeemed Christian Church Of God,Sweden and author of "In search of real men". Pastor Tutu also emphasized a few points about the grace of God which include; the grace of God is free, the grace of God saves us,the grace of God takes us places we have never been before and it also helps us receive mercy and kindness to help us when we need it.

He also quoted some verses emphasizing the grace of God.

Romans 3:24 :They are made right with God by His grace.This is a free gift.They are made right with God by being made free from sin through Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:8 : I mean that you have been saved by grace because you believed.You did not save yourselves;it was a gift from God.

Titus 3:7 :We are made right with God by his grace.God saved us so that we could be his children and look forward to receiving life that never ends.

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I took some photos of the worship team and the congregation.