Discovered a place where lovers lock their love

When I first passed by a certain bridge at a central park in Riga,Latvia,I thought it was a padlock store.But at the same time I wondered why the padlocks there had names and dates,"may be they were designed for the named people,"I said to myself.

Surprisingly,that isn't the case as millions of people travel from all over the world to that place to lock their love.It is called the Riga love bridge.

This,I was told by a couple that had locked their love locked to the bridge three years ago as they dated, and had come to celebrate as they had been married for seven months.They looked through several padlocks until they found theirs.Sandra and Luf both from Sweden,were overwhelmed on seeing the rusty padlock containing their names and date.

"It really works, and we are so happy ever since we locked our love to this bridge,"assured the love birds.
The smiles,cuddles and kisses that the couple had proved how happy they were at the padlock love charm.The young and lovely couple took photos of the rusty padlock and their wedding rings as they celebrated with a few friends.

Do you have that one person with whom,you'd love to lock your love?Try the padlock charm.

Luf and Sandra
Luf and Sandra's rusty padlock
Showing off their rings
More padlocks locked to the bridge