Bishop T.D Jakes
Seven steps to make it happen basing on the Scripture in the book of Ruth 3:1-5,was an inspiring sermon by Bishop T.D Jakes that I listened to that and I'm glad to share it with you.These apply to one's real life and if followed,it can be really helpful.

Ruth 3:1-5: Then Naomi,Ruth's mother- in- law, said to her,"my daughter,may be I should find a husband and a good home for you. Boaz is our close relative.You worked with his women servants.Tonight he will be working at the threshing floor.Go wash yourself and get dressed.Put on a nice dress,and go down to the threshing floor.But don't let Boaz see you until he has finished eating his dinner.After he eats,he will lie down to rest.Watch him so that you will know where he lies down.Go there and lift the cover off his feet.Then lie down there with Boaz. He will tell you what you should do about marriage.
Then Ruth answered,"I will do what you say." (Easy to Read Version)

Bishop T.D Jakes,the founder and senior pastor of the Potters house of Dallas explained it using seven steps.

1.You must know what you are going after.You must have a specific target that you're aiming at.For example Ruth knew which man she wanted.Don't envy other people's success,God has something special for you.You must wake up with an agenda of what you're going to do.

2.Wash your face.Don't let your past  affect your presence.You can't go forward until you wash your past off.

3. Anoint your face i.e put on a fresh attitude;a glowing positive attitude.If you don't change your attitude,you will miss your altitude.Come to the house of God rejoicing and and giving thanks no matter what's happening in your life and God will bless you.

4.Change your garments.Prepare for something that hasn't happened yet.God is going to bless people who are prepared.Change your life for a place you are going to even though you are not there yet.Be ready.

5.Get down to the floor.Go to the place where the blessing is going to come.In order to get a certain level of blessing,you need to go to a certain place and get away from some places.It doesn't matter where it starts but where it ends.

6.When you get to the place,shut your mouth and wait.All God wants you to do is go to the place and wait.Don't try to make it happen or force it,God is going to open this door for you that no man can close/open.The thing you've been on the verge of is about to happen.What God has for you is surely for you.

7.Never try to shine when the light is on you for example Ruth never spoke to Boaz until Boaz spoke to her.Give it everything you got. 

Have a blessed Sunday.

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