What to do when depressed


Recently,I was so depressed that I didn't even feel like doing any of my favorite things like blogging,partying and so on.But I realized that I had to get back onto my feet and keep going after all,life continues.I looked for a solution and found out that it actually isn't far from the little things one could do to get them cheered up.They really helped,and I'm sure they can work for all sorts of depression;ranging from exam,work,family,relationship depression,and so I decided to share them with you, together with others that could be of help.

1.Try popping a balloon by sitting on it.Trust me,no amount of anger can do this unless u jump from 100 meters high to sit on the balloon.In the end it becomes funny and you end up laughing.

2.Pick up a fruit for example an apple from a basin almost full of water.Probability is high that you won't pick it at first attempt,the more you do it,you'll forget about your worries.

3.Play very loud music and dance to it.It will help you relax.

4.Play outdoor games like sports for example soccer.

5.Take a long walk alone.On your way,you might find something interesting that will drive your depression away.

6.Watch a movie.

Lastly,remember no condition is permanent,your worries will soon be gone.

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