Pastor Joel Osteen

Faith is confidence and trust in God.However,there are two types of faith;Uncommon faith and average faith.Uncommon faith is not ordinary,it is radical and it doesn't make little plans while average faith is easily shaken and ordinary.We are encouraged to take a step from average to Uncommon faith because for example,with average faith one would believe a doctor's report that says they cannot be healed from a certain illness and yet there exists a greater report from God that says everything is possible and it only takes uncommon faith to believe and have confidence that they would actually be healed.

I got this from one of Pastor Joel Osteen's sermons who is a great preacher and also the pastor of Lake wood church, Texas,U.S.A.He  continued to say,"with uncommon faith,God will resurrect  your dead dreams just like he resurrected Martha's brother Lazarus from death".

He also encouraged us to set new standards for our families,just like Elisha asked from Elija for a double portion; twice favour,blessing and income,we shouldn't struggle to maintain status quo but reach further heights with our fore fathers' establishments and he gave his own example of God enabling him multiply and expand his  parents ministry.Such, only comes with Uncommon faith.

My favorite quotes of him
-Every setback is a set up for a greater come back
-Believe big,dream big,dare to ask big
-God is going to restore the years that were stolen, that you were treated bad
-With uncommon faith,God will change you from a borrower to a lender

He also quoted some Bible verses;

James 4:2 :You want things,but you don't get them.So you kill and are jealous of others.But you still cannot get what you want.You don't get what you want because you don't ask God.

Ephesians 3:20 :With God's power working in us,He can do much,much more than anything we can ask or think of him

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