Joyce Meyer
"I need to be a fruit bearing christian that God can be proud of," talking to myself after listening to Joyce Meyers sermon about hope for a hurting world.She is a charismatic christian author, preacher and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Her message is so empowering that I felt I needed to change instantly especially when she mentioned that we need to seek God's face not hand.We are fond of asking God to do things in our lives instead of seeking Him;He is everything,therefore,if he is with us,we have the best.

"Humble yourself and forgive people for what they do",she encouraged."We keep on ignoring the issues in our lives and looking at the issues with everybody else",she added.
She also said it's time to stop running and start facing our own issues.

She gave an example where she stole money long ago from a company for which she worked.She and her husband then run away.But as a christian,she felt she had done something wrong;she went back to them and apologized."That way,people respect us when we take responsibility for our faults,sins or misbehavior," said Joyce.

Key points noted:

  • Only God can change people
  • Work your schedule around God not vice versa
  • It's time to stop running and start facing issues.
Bible verses quoted:
 Phillipians 3:10 :Now you are wearing a new life,a life that is new everyday.You are growing in your understanding of the one that made you.You are becoming more and more like him.

1Corinthians 13:11 :When I was a child,I talked like a child,I thought like a child,and I made plans like a child.When I became a man,I stopped those childish ways.It is the same with us.Now we see God as if we are looking at a reflection in a mirror.But then,in the future,we will see him right before our eyes.Now I know only a part,but at that time I will know fully,as God has known me.So these three things continue:faith,hope and love.And the greatest of these is love.

2 Samuel12 :1-4

(Easy to Read Version)

I wish you all a blessed Sunday.

Joyce and Dave Meyer

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