Anne Kansiime

History had it that females aren't that funny or humorous until the queen of comedy was born unto this world.

Anne Kansiime,born in Kabale, Uganda is the first female comedian to get diverse attention and recognition in the entertainment industry worldwide.She  cracks her fans' ribs whom she refers to as ninjas with her jokes and funny video clips.

She is not only a comedian but also an all round
artiste;actress,songwriter,singer,television presenter and personality,mistress of ceremonies.

Anne has got a wide audience through her numerous video clips on YouTube.She has also achieved several awards such as best comedian (BEFFTA Awards,London,2013),(African Social Awards,Malaysia,2013) among others.She has also scooped a deal with East Africa's most viewed television;citizen T.V that will be airing her program "Don't mess with Kansiime".

The talented Anne must be counting down to the occasion of the Common Wealth day to which she was invited where she will be rubbing shoulders with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II which will take place on 10 March 2014 in London.

I believe this year has a lot awaiting this talented "ninja" and all the best in all she endeavors.

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