Your favourite food reveals your origin


Mexican guacamole
Some thing very interesting about our favourite food telling our origin came up on my mind today.I guess you wouldn't agree any better.We all have a connection with our traditional food no matter our heritage.

I have come to discover that this connection cuts across all and if not majority of people coming from the same region,country,or even continent.If you  ate that particular type of food,you'd feel more satisfied than if if you had any other.

Nepalese momo
Asian meals usually consist of rice,meat,vegetables and seafood dishes.Specifically,Momos served with tomato based broth is well known to Nepalese,Sushi to Japanese,chicken tikka to Indians,Pakistani and Bangladeshi people.Vietnamese are known for their love for all kinds of noodles.In general,all Asians prefer eating using chopsticks.

One would know you are Turkish if your favourite food is Kebab/kebap.Kebap refers to any kind of  meat sliced or minced and garnished with spices,then roasted or fried.It could be eaten as a sandwich or with rice.

With no doubt,you are Italian if your favourite food is pasta and pizza.Pizzas are made using different toppings and ingredients and the famous ones include Margherita made of tomato sauce and mozarella,pizza Marinara made of tomato sauce and garlic and Pizza al Proscuitto made of chopped ham,chopped tomatoes and shredded Mozarella.

If your favourite food is matooke(plantain),malakwang,kalo( from millet flour),malewa(from dried bamboo shoots),with no question,you are Ugandan.

Nigerian Egusi soup
You are Nigerian if your favorite food is jollof rice,Egusi soup ,okoro soup,bitter leaf soup,usually served with fufu.The soups are made from various vegetables.Fufu is made from cassava flour.Jollof rice is fried rice with beef or chicken mixed with other spices.

Kenyans usually  love ugali and sukuma wiki.Ugali made from maize flour and sukuma wiki is a vegetable.

You are Malawian if you love Nsima,which is a thick starchy porridge made from corn,cassava and and other starch flour.

You are Egyptian if your favourite break fast is ful we taameya (fava beans and falafel),and  lunch is Koshary(Rice mixed with peas,beans,pasta and tomato sauce).

And if you love guacamole(mixtureof avocado, tomatoes and olive oil),then you are Mexican.
Ugandan malakwang

Egyptian ful wa taameya

Egyptian Koshary

Ugandan matooke

Nigerian Jollof rice

Kenyan sukuma wiki

Kenyan Ugali

Turkish Kebab

Vietnamese noodles
Italian pasta

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