Hello there,I'm so excited for this post! I'm so humbled to have to have attended the opening ceremony at the world EXPO 2015 in Milan.

I can write a book about such a great experience.I had  never gotten tired of taking photos in my entire life till that day! I took so many,I wish I could share all.If you follow me on instagram ,you have an idea of my excitement,I took photos of almost every detail that I could but later on dropped,I was so exhausted.

I was able to have a glimpse at the different pavilions,people,culture,food and so many other things.I imagined I had the opportunity to travel the entire world in a day due to the fact that all nations gathered under one tent.1/5/2015 is a day I'll never forget.

I will be posting a lot about this event because I intend to go there often and of course take more photos. There's a lot to say but I'll let the pictures do the talking.I'm simply amazed at the beauty of diversity that the world has,and for it to all be gathered under one tent is something impeccable.A huge thank you to all the organizers and participants.

If you recognize someone you know,please share this post with them.

Thank you for reading. Xo

My outfit

Top: Bershka
Skirt: Gift from a friend
Pumps; Primadonna
Blazer: Gift from a friend

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