Hello there, it's May again! It is always smiles,excitement and warm feelings for me every time MAY comes around.Who wouldn't be excited for their birthday month? It comes with a lot especially the blessing of having another year added to one's life.I'm undoubtedly in love with this month.

Happy birthday ahead to all MAY babies,especially those that are reading this.I'm glad we share a birthday month.

Take a look at some of the photos taken especially for this post! I love this beautiful multi slitted skirt with neatly added bead details-all made in wonderful patterns,what an art piece! I paired it with a basic green top which didn't disappoint.Plus I love the details of the neck piece which come in set with the bangles and finally a statement green clutch to complete my ensemble.

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Let me know your thoughts on this look/outfit.Also if you know any May babies out there,share this post with them and/or wish them a happy birthday in the comments box below.

Thank you for reading. Xo

 Top: Bershka
Skirt: gift from a friend
ClutchTriggy bags
Pumps: Primadonna


  1. Anonymous15/5/15 07:24

    Love the way you styled your hair. That's a really cute skirt. Love.