Hello lovely people,I hope your weekend was fun-filled like mine! I discovered a lot through my continued trip around the world.I thought I'd finish it in one day,but there's a lot about every country that keeps me glued to a pavilion and oops,it's  three days and I'm not even half way.It is an exciting trip and I'm loving every bit of it.If you are new on board,take a look at my previous post The beauty of diversity and you'll be able to follow through or follow me on instagram to glimpse through the photos I take and post immediately.

My highlight for today was the trip to the pavilion of Angola.Words can't clearly express what I saw.It was marvelous and their theme;"development through food and culture" is my favorite so far.I loved the concert,very talented artist and the band as well.Then the cultural dances performance topped that all.Thank you Angola for such an amazing experience.

I also went to the Milano World Food Exhibition organized by TUTTO FOOD and I was amazed at how diverse the world is when it comes to food.Every country had something unique to offer.My favorite there was the the sandwich made of salmon and salmon cream from Belarus.You should try it out.

Here's an update on my trip through the lens.If you recognize anyone in the photos,kindly share this post with them.

Thank you for reading. Xo.

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