Is it me, or is the year  running way faster that I noticed? Thanks to God that all is well and for the life most importantly.I get this great excitement (which I don't know how to explain/express) whenever the month MAY comes around.I think it's because it's my birthday month,plus it always has good weather,and everyone and everything seem to be glowing and blossoming.I'm really glad to be a MAY baby.

No other month has its first day as an International holiday except May.It always starts in a chilled and relaxed mood,what better way to start a new month!!

I feel a new revival ever since MAY clocked in,because recently I was busy, but also lazy and reluctant to post during the week,this is my blessed and lucky month.I feel extra strong to make more and more posts.

Shouts out all MAY babies.Please comment below with a friend's/relative's name  who was born in May,let them know how blessed they are to have been born this month.Feel free to share the post as well.

I wish you all a happy and blessed new month.

I also had a photo shoot yesterday,take a look.


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    1. Thank you @HarrietScott.You inspire me alot my dear goddess.Xo

    2. My official and first nephew is gonna be born this month...btw u look great!!

    3. Thank you @Barbra.Great news about your nephew...MAY babies family growing big