According to Isaiah,in the Old Testament (Bible),jubilee used to happen every 50 years when all servants were set free to meet their families,all property was returned to its owners,all prisoners were set free;it was a year of great celebration.

"We won't have to for wait 50 years but to live in Jubilee",said Joel Osteen in one of his sermons.This great sermon just came at the right time in my life.Every word he mentioned pierced through my ears, down to my heart.These are the most encouraging words I've listened to in a long time.

"For whatever you've desired,wished or hoped for,just say : thank you Lord that this is my year of jubilee and everything that has my name on it is being released",he continued.
Everything ranging from health,joy,peace,love, career,business,job opportunities,children,spouses,family,just to mention a few,will be granted to you in an accelerating way,it will take just a fraction of the time you expected to receive it.

He also encouraged us to stop complaining and instead start thinking jubilee thoughts for God works where there's faith and expectancy.

-God's dream for your life is so much bigger than your own.
-It may seem impossible but when jubilee comes,nothing can stop God from releasing what has your name on.

Bible verses quoted

LUKE 4:19 :This is the year for God to act

Isaiah 61:2 :He sent me to announce that time has come for the Lord to show his kindness.

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