Do you dwell on things that are true,just,honorable,pure,lovely or do you focus on your problems?

When was the last time you rejoiced that your name is written in the book of life?

My Sunday started with the above  questions after listening to Francis Chan (A preacher in the U.S) who encouraged us not to worry about earthly possessions and desires as we are not citizens of this world! We should never set our minds on earthly things.

He encouraged us to pray and trust God."Don't pray and doubt or worry,our Heavenly Father is in control,the Lord is at hand,don't be anxious about anything;finances,or even the future",he said.

Chan also encouraged us to give a picture about our Father in Heaven that would make others yearn to become apart of His/our family by doing what glorifies God."Rejoice in the Lord always",he added.When the Holy Spirit comes in you,you will see change in your life.You will acquire more joy,peace and love.

He gave an example of Clayton who suffered from Leukemia and was so joyful and living his life purposely knowing that everyday that he lived might be his last.Clayton wasn't worried about this world,he only focused on life with our Heavenly Father that he was moving to anytime.

Quoted Bible verses:

PHILIPPIANS 4:4-6: Always be filled with joy in the Lord.I will say it again.Be filled with joy.Let Everyone see that you are gentle and kind.The Lord is coming soon.Don't worry about anything,but pray and ask God for everything you need,always giving thanks for what you have.

Wishing you all a great Sunday.

Francis Chan

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