For some people,Easter is all about bunnies,eggs,new shoes and clothes,for me,it's all about my risen Christ.

I may be broke,lonely,burdened or troubled but won't be forever.If Jesus Christ went through all the pain and was victorious in the end,so will I, because no one can have resurrection power until they have an experience with pain.

The Bible says,it is through Jesus' pain,death and resurrection that he is going to deliver us from our past.If Jesus Christ rose up without human assistance,he won't need our assistance to take us through our burdens.

Perspectives about Jesus' resurrection.

  • The historical relevance of the cross-how much God loved us.If you are facing contemporary challenges remember, if God had the power to take the sting out of death,He is going to take you through it all.
  • Personal connectivity-We all have crosses which may be our parents,children,jobs,companions.Always remember that Christ's story didn't end on the cross and neither will yours.
  • Remember that God didn't take you through death and burial to leave you down.

Bible Quotations

-Romans 6
(message inspiration from Bishop T.D.Jakes sermon)

Happy Easter to you all.

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