Hello everyone,how have you been?I decided to take a month's break from blogging and ended up taking more than planned...haha! I really missed you!

While I was away,I listened to a lot of sermons (all wonderful),had photo-shoots &toured.Trust me it was all fun.I will be sharing the highlights of my holiday,and today,I'll start with a wonderful sermon from Joel Osteen (he is one of my favorite preachers) about reprogramming one's mind.

"Our mind is like a computer,how we program it is very important,if we put the wrong software in it,it will not function as it is designed to",he started.He also added that the reason we don't experience this abundant life is because we've abandoned our software to viruses.

We should dwell on what our creator says about us (our original software) and use the delete button(get rid of) to erase all contaminating thoughts like "I'm not good enough","I can't do this job",most of which the comes from people that the enemy uses.


  • God gives you grace for every season,arms you with strength for every battle.
  • You can become what God planned you to be, all you have to do is get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Let people say what they want,you control your own soil;water good seeds and delete bad ones(i.e don't dwell on them)
  • God didn't make you faulty,sub par,he created a master piece (moreover in his image) 

Watch sermon here

Thank you for reading. xo.

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