Hey all :-),feels like I took forever to put up a new post,sorry about that,my bad! Shout out to all the readers that keep reading my blogs even when there is nothing new.I love you.

I don't even know where to start from,long story short;I had a lovely holiday.It was all about meeting new people,photo-shoots,tours,and most importantly resting.I covered most of the moments in pictures and videos and I will share some with you.

First of all,I'm so thankful for all the people (some of whom became friends) that I met especially during August and those that I asked to take photos with and of me (it is not easy to get a random person to take photos of you especially if you met them on the road).If you love photos as much as I do,you will agree with me!

Starting with my trip to Bergamo (Italy),I had never been to such a relaxing and calm place.I was told there's a lot to see,though I had just one day planned for it.I enjoyed the scenery and my favorite is a certain spot in the citta where one views the entire place from a higher altitude.That view is priceless.I also appreciated the fact that it has a lot of greenery and is so refreshing.

Would you like to share what you did on your last holiday or where you traveled to? Leave a comment below.

Below are some photos from that trip,I hope you enjoyed reading. Xo

By the way,I've worn this dress before as a skirt :check it out

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