Hello,thank you for passing by!I hope your week is splendid.Mine feels like a hangover or a dream that I don't want to wake up from!

Last weekend,I got to visit Venice.The amount of excitement I feel can't be expressed through words.Venice has always been one of my dream cities to visit,I've always wished and imagined until finally,I did.Thanks to my awesome friend Agatha and her family for hosting me and moving me around.

The weekend zoomed and was over before I knew it,but I'm thankful for every bit of joy that it brought me.I smiled all through,took photos until my camera and phone batteries died!The place is breath-taking!

That beautiful city is divided into parts; Mestre ( the part on land) and Venezia (the part on water), I visited both.

DAY #1

We visited Mestre and it's beautiful and busy,lots of activities going on;dancing on the streets, shopping, museums,historical monuments and of course the famous square; Piazza Ferretto;where people hang out in restaurants and lots of other shops.Not forgetting that square has tasty ice cream. 

Saturday was my highlight for the entire trip.We visited Venezia on boat and saw a lot;the Rialto bridge,St.Mark's basilica,museums,and Venice beach (Pacific ocean).Venice beach is so long that we walked it and failed to see its end,we got exhausted and decided to return home.The beach had so many lovely people,the water was clear blue,the breeze,the scenery,the ships,boats and canoes,everything there was simply beautiful.I can't explain any further,take a look at some photos.


We were as tired as beaten from the Saturday's exhaustion,but we couldn't stop the fun!We visited some shopping malls and did what girls do best--shopping.

Thank you for reading.Xo


  1. love your outfits and travels stories keep it up ,,love to read the posts