Hello there! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.I'm a big fan of Joel Osteen (preacher) and his sermons.I could spend the whole day listening to him without getting distracted.The previous sermon I listened to was so powerful and I would like to share it with you.

Your mind will tell you all the time,"It's late,you're not going to make it,you have failed",but it's not over,God makes the final decision.
The doctor's report can say,"you will never be healed",God has a different report.

God has not brought you this far to abandon you.Just because you don't see a way doesn't mean there's no way.He is about to breath new life into your dreams,health,relationship and life.
If you are still sick,it's not over,God has set health on your way.Start believing,expecting and dreaming again.

You may not be able to beat the competition ,God may remove the competition.He has all ways to take you to destiny.All set backs are not meant to defeat us,they are to promote us.

Always remember that you are full of resurrection power and no obstacle is too large for you.No matter what happens in your life,have this attitude;it's not over.

Have a great Sunday and week a head.Xo

Watch full sermon here

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