"The  only person that is ready for a change is a wet baby",said Joel Osteen. I'm so inspired by his sermons that choosing which one to share is hard for me sometimes.His messages are so powerful that I could relate to almost each of his sermons.I wonder if he ever runs out of topics!

We usually don't like change because we are usually comfortable where we are.We often get stuck into what God used to do instead of moving into what God is about to do.We should always remember that God works in seasons,what worked five years ago may not work today.

If one needs to be successful,one ought to be open to change .Always stay open to advice,suggestions especially those from family members,because these people love us and are very significant in our lives.These are people that God placed directly into our lives.

Often.we get used to temporary provision,the good news is that God loves us to keep us just there.He has got an abundance of blessings for us.

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  • A minor adjustment leads to a major improvement.
  • If you don't get rid of your old friends,you will never meet the right ones.
  • If something seems more than a burden than a blessing,that is a sign that God has something better for you in future.
  • God will take certain things away because He's creating space for what He has in stock for you.
  • What was meant for your harm,God will use for your opportunity.
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A blessed Sunday to you all.

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