Just like detoxing a body;ridding one's body of all toxins and waste,one needs to cleanse up their mind of all worrying thoughts,thinking what you can't do,what you've failed to achieve. These toxic thoughts contaminate our lives and affect our confidence,self esteem and attitude.

Just like in proverbs 4:23 (above all,be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life),those negative thoughts become strongholds that poison our future.

How to get rid of negative thoughts.

  • Make a decision you are not going to dwell on negative pasts anymore.For example,I missed so many good opportunities,condemnation,bitterness.
  • Keep your mind with thoughts of victory and faith.
  • Always remember what God blesses,no man an curse,before any man put a curse on you,God had put a blessing on you before.You are not what people say,you are what God says.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Inspiration from one of Joel Osteen's sermons.
Watch full sermon here

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