Deep down we need to know that we are important,that our life matters and that we have something great to offer.So often we base our sense of value on our looks,what we've achieved,occupation;which reduce our sense of worth because sometimes these aspects make us feel we are not good enough!

And so many times we base our value on how someone treats us and how they make us feel, and when they hurt or disappoint us,we turn the blame to ourselves.This is because we are getting our self worth from the wrong places.

Our value should come solely from the fact that we are children of the most high God.The value that God put in us is permanent.Nothing that we do or anyone does can or will ever change that value.

Someone might have hurt you;don't internalize it because you aren't the problem,they are.The good news is that they might have rejected you but God accepts you.He has already approved you.

Base your sense of value on what God says about you.He looks at us like his great masterpieces and to him we are each uniquely special.

Always remember,the one thing that creates value is who the owner is.Remember that you are so valuable because of who your owner is-God.The greatest enemy of value is rejection.Accept yourself,know your attached value because you were wonderfully created.

Great inspiration from one of Joel Osteen's sermons.

Watch full sermon here.

Happy new month.Xo

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