Stripes & Hugs


Hello there, I hope you are all having a great week :-) .

Wait,is anyone excited about spring? I am. The weather doesn't seem like spring as it's warm & cold and sometimes rainy (that's annoying).Although the weather disappoints,my spring outfits are ready♥,enough of the heavy jackets! A friend of mine says nowadays,the weather doesn't respect the calendar because the calendar can say one thing while the weather depicts another,and she follows the calendar. ..lol . She's already rocking spring colours even on dull cloudy and rainy days.I think she's somewhat right,are we going to wait more months to dump the heavy clothing?!

Concerning my look (in photos),I love body hugging pieces as they are easy to play about.The stripped skirt is one of my favourite old numbers,it goes with almost every top;cropped,lose,tight... and is suitable for many occasions;casual,dinner and I've won it to church before.The top surprised me when it matched well with the skirt.This was my first time wearing them together and trust me,I'd do it again :-) .

On another note, thank you all for reading,even when there's no new post,I find views. You are awesome. 

As always any compliments,thumbs up,shares & comments about this look are welcome.

Till next time,Xo.

Skirt: Old (some shop in Kampala,can't remember the name)
Top: Teezenis
Shoes: Primadonna
Belt: Accessorize
Necklace: (Some street market in Milan) 

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